Healthcare services are easy to access online and around Parnu. You can dial 112 in an emergency or for general information 6287 400 [ do not call these if you do not need medical help in the region]

Parnu also offers services for LGBTQ+ citizens click here for more info 

Clinics and Hospitals

There are many reasons to go to the hospital so it's great that in Parnu there are many clinics and/or hospitals to help. The Majority are based in the capitol city however so services may bec limited in some areas.

Surgeries and money info

Medical facilities in Parnu are mostly funded by government tax so for low-level injuries, diseases or medical problems it will most likely cost "nothing" to find a Doctor help. Although surgeries are different as they can cost anywhere from €50-1,200 or more depending on the type of surgery. Emergency surgeries will have a 50% discount and a longer pay period of around 2weeks after release from hospital.