The following is the result of an investigation into 'Lunoria' from November 16th 2082ot / December 6th 2022ad to --ot / --ad by the Parnu Special Operation Forces [PARNUSOF] 

Precursor  / reason for investigation​

The reason for this investigation was due to several accusations of war crimes committed by Lunoria by several states. The first account of Lunoria's acts were made clear by Grossdeutscher Bund. on November 16th 2082 researchers and PARNUSOF were lead into a funded investigation into "war crimes and unnecissary attacks on an unarmed Populus" supposed to be happening or have happened within Lunoria and acts committed during attacks by Lunoria.

The investigation

[ note that this is still in operation and being written as more evidence appears ]

1 A Catholic Targeting

The first signs of suspicion arose when after religious extremists rioted in Lunoria "temporary anti-Christian laws" were passed possibly also in correlation to Christians possibly being followers of Edens gate. In a hunt for "religious extremists" 2000 Christians were arrested.


Whilst this isn't causing harm the abuse of the law and authority is enough to contribute to a national crime and profiling as they are seeming to only target Christians , after extremists attacks in Lunoria however these precautions are easily justifiable by the police.

1B(a) Chemical warfare

Lunoria has developed chemical warheads to aid in war against  Weimar Germany and Zetenka specifically designed to incite fear. The president of Lunoria also stated that Christian labour was used in the construction of these chemical bombs and if they refused to do so "they will be harmed" 


Obviously this is a clear war crime and with the intention deliberately inciting fear is terrorism. 

1B(b) Civilians killed

According to Lunoria the Chemical weapon managed to detonate upon a Zetenka city killing "thousands". Rather far from Zetenka city in the factory that produces these types of explosives, several civilians were killed by Lunorian guards as they rioted against the hard labour. 600 Catholics were killed and the  rest [ 400 ] were arrested.


it's one thing to design chemical weapons but another to enact their mechanisms over innocent civilians and if no civilians were harmed [ which they were ] the use of chemicals to hurt injure or kill disallows for 'humane' warfare, that puts suffering into a category of experience and that is against the rules of war written or not.

1B(c) civilians killed ii

200 Christian civilians were killed by Lunoria guards when they tried to rebel against their oppressors using explosives inside the trenches they were forced to build.


during this time, Lunoria was at war and it is  suspected that these civilians ( captured Catholics ) were ordered to build trenches in war zones which is a violation of human rights to safety and shelter.

1A - B sources

2A Christian sterilisation

March 14th 2082 , Lunoria puts a new bill in-action stating that "all Christians must be sterilised". They say it is a program designated to stop "them" ( Christians ) from 'overpopulating schools'. Although being described as a 'success' 300,000 Christians have died and 100,000 critically injured since the start of the project.


This is another violation of human rights, bodily autonomy, enacting this law forcefully among a population is a symptom of dictatorships as control over 'enemies of the state' at this stage means that Lunioria has become more of a cruel unquestioning government.


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