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Sidenote: Time will be presented in a.d (real time) and in o.t(Orbis Time)

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The entire nation has fields for any type of business , the majority of these are technological and health centred. Many Transport and Manufacturing companies are prevalent in Parnu.

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The Republic is openly anti war unless provoked, this means that to the dismay of The Coven we are avoiding alliance wars. that doesn't mean we won't participate though, if we have reason we will.


we are trying to become a munitions supplier as it is very profitable especially during tough times. trade is open to all and would like to have discounted food prices from other nations.

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What is Parnu?

The democratic parliamentary republic of Parnu aka Parnu is a nation in the Baltics. This country is most famous for the bulletins it creates and along side that, it is a popular tourist destination for many citizens and travellers around Orbis. History of Parnu dates back to Livonia and the Teutonic order, the republic declared independence in 1991 from the soviet union and has been a sovereign state since. Parnu has always put diplomacy first and neutrality is a basis in politics especially since the several nuclear crises of 2079 and 2082. The country is involved with several organisations such as U.N.O and founder of O.R.C | P.A.N.S | PRNUSOF | UKKO

Achievements / historical notable events

Socialist reform of the nation [ Oct 2091- current ] bulletin

Member of the Global Watch [Nov 2082 - Sep 29th 2091] 8yrs

Parnu flag change September 8th 2083 [ Dec 31st 2022 ]

Munitions Project built Jan 12 2082 [ Dec 11th 2022]

The great time failure Jan1st-3rd 2083 [Dec 10th 2022]

Parnu flag change July 4th 2082 [Nov 25th 2022]

P.A.R.N.U.S.O.F Joseph Seed document release June 9th 2082 [Nov 23rd 2022]

Founder and member of UKKO, Feb 12th 2084- current [Jan 13th 2023]

People of Parnu | Historic, interesting or important people(s)

Lydia Koidula 1843-1886 [ commemorated as "national legend" ] Source

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