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edit:     3rd November 6:06pm 2023 [ wikitest info-box added still a work in progress.]

edit:     22nd September 9:45pm 2023 [ SRP flag change, wikitest ja map update, radio and important persons added]

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website launched 30th September 5:58pm 2022

Not every edit has an actual log but mostly major changes/bug fixes probably will have

3 November 2023 - Embedded a wiki-style info box on wikitest, made 3 images to use, the embed code is messed up so it's stuck on one line so was annoying to work with but I did it somehow, still needs work obviously but at least as a proof of concept it works, hasn't totally broken yet, although it's a bit too big for mobile view but i'll fix that later or destroy it all in the process, it's already taken me 2 and a half hours ._.

31 Dec 2022- updated all old Parnu flags on website, added new flag and changed flag section of wikitest | changed map in map page to have correct borders , added Parnu maritime map.#

26 Dec 2022- the iframe is the p&w news snippet/embed on the home screen here , there was a problem for mobile devices where the box space would allow for the embed to go "off screen" due to the limited space on mobile ( which was annoying and allowed for the guest to swipe into empty space). to fix this [like 4 edits forward mind you] was too change the size code from height="400px" ; width="800px" into height="100%" ; width= "500px" ... the embed now fits on mobile screens correctly and it hasn't messed up the pc view either unlike when i tried width="100%"  when fixing it.