Prime Minister of The Republic of Pärnu 

Aino Rebane has been the Prime Minister of Pärnu since 2079

Early life:

Aino Rebane started Life in Parnu City and attended education in Tartu and would later achieve a bachelors degree in law (she also identified herself as an anarchist through most of her life) and briefly stayed in Finland until returning to Parnu. In the heart of Pärnu city, Aino grew up immersed in the rich cultural and historical tapestry of the region. Her early life in Pärnu shaped her understanding and appreciation of local traditions and challenges.

Political career:

Ran for Parliament for the county constituency of Sauga and became Economical Minister in 2076. after the recognition of Parnu by Orbis she ran for Prime Minister for the Konnak Party [ same party she ran for Sauga constituent ]. 

Leadership and vision as Prime Minister:

• Under Aino's leadership, she embarked Pärnu on a path of reform and innovation. She has been instrumental in implementing policies that enhance trade, improve economic infrastructure, and promote social welfare.

• She called for parliament to open borders after continued lockdown from the distant Niohama virus, August 4th 2080.

• The First "PMQ"(Prime Minister Questions) takes place in February of 2081 and sees Aino Rebane debate her view on alliances with Monika Niemi.

January 17th 2083, The Prime Minister (Aino Rebane) finally addresses •Joseph Seed •Alliance democracy • radiation. 

•She marries the north American dictator of RoDevs, September 14th 2083. - April 24th 2087

• Recalled troops from Åland during the crisis on the island. October 31st - November 2nd 2084

• Allowed the production and selling of THeMIS MILREM to allies on september 4th 2086.

March 30th 2089, Aino lead the country during the surrender, maintaining Pärnu Sovereignty throughout.

  Policies and Initiatives:

• Aino Rebane declares "national and international crisis" on behalf of Pärnu as Radiation and Food prices sore. March 23rd 2082.

June 9th, 2082. The "Joseph Seed Document" was released to the public, all this evidence would later see Joseph held in an international criminal court with this document used as an Overview of evidence. To see the document click here.

June 16th 2083. Pärnu forces peacefully take Saaremaa and Hiiumaa.

July 21st 2083. Pärnu takes Control of Hiiumaa.

• January 6th 2984, Aino allows the creation and prodiction of public news from the "Pärnu Radiation and Science Foundation" as seen in their first bulletin here.

Ukko Council of Orbis is founded. February 12th 2084.

•With the support of the Anarchists and anarchist party of Pärnu, Aino Rebane managed to convert the government into a Socialist regime lead by now "Socialist Party Leader, Aino Rebane" October 25th 2091 aka the October revolution.

• 8€ legalization for Pärnu and Rodevs, aswell as Introducing and applying the new Pärnu Card. December 18th 2092.

• Aino and other leaders in Pärnu accept the plan outlined in a draft reform of Pärnu from a Socialist Republic. June 22nd 2099.

 Vision for the Future:

Aino continues to advocate for a balanced approach to development, aiming to preserve Pärnu’s heritage while ensuring dynamic economic growth. "As the country once again goes back into reform, there is only hope for for the Future of Pärnu" - Aino Rebane

October 27, 2083.

Prime Minsiter Aino Rebane is forcably taken from a military compound at RoDevs (Printlin Government complex) by an unknown assalient force known as "The Malitia" 

Timelines of events:

3:19am Militia breach fence with truck 

3:25am militia climbs wall and smashes window

3:28am militia seen on roof of complex 

3:42am ( commotion and gunfire )

3:45am ( militia captures Ainö and brings out of property )

3:48am guards find Neil Oro , armed and bleeding from gunshot would ( shrapnel )

3:49am alarm is alerted 

3:53am last gunfire is heard in nearby areas. 

October 27th 4pm. PARNUSOF begin looking for the Malitia and Aino.

Below are messages left behind by the malitia; Liberation starts today.

Below are the Scenes "not far from the compound" in RoDevs

November 6, 2083.

Aino is found in Pärnu.

Ainö Rebane ( Prime minister of the Republic of Pärnu ) has shown up in Pärnu alive and well after waking up sedated outside of the government house at 2:10am. A security team was quick to bring medical attention to Ainö however the culprits (militia) have not been caught. 

Despite a letter from the "Malitia" being found with the words "do not arrest us or we will bring force" enscribed on it, 4 suspected malitia members were arrested with the help of Majapahit PASKAL over the Pacific ocean on illegal firearms charges. Till this day PARNUSOF refuse to tell the public any detail on the "malitia."

March 5, 2084

Suspected leader of the Malitia is arrested.

After a tense standoff off with police after an explosion, 33 year old Marki Jonnas was arrested. 

Nobody was left with serious injuries during this incident and K-kommando units were able to successfully detail Marki Jonnas.

SourceA: October 27th 2083.

SourceB: Novemeber 6th 2083.

SourceC: March 5, 2084