conflict between  Ailevistan from 10th October - 12th October 2022ad

flag of Ailevistan

Ailevistan is a part of the alliance Tempest Order who is at war with The Coven [Parnu's alliance]

The attack of Parnu is a result of an alliance war

Parnu gained air superiority but lost ground control to Ailevistan's over 78,000 soldiers compared to Parnu's 60,000 during the early attacks and it would remain that way throughout the war.

after successful airstrikes on Ailevistan soldiers peace was offered from Parnu as defender strength was at 26points . very different to the attacker's 80-90 points.​

After this a peace treaty was signed between Aino Rebane and  Gandina Savagor

The official conflicted lasted for 7 days in Orbis | Jan 19th - Jan 26th 2081


Parliament was lead into heated debates about alliances and what that means for Parnu's neutrality and role as a nation that avoids wars diplomatically.


PMQ 1 | Politics and War