Social Policies


Social scale = moderate

Economic scale = far left

Cannabis:  Cannabis can only be used for medical reasons, with permission from the government.
Mandatory Service:  Military and community service is encouraged to everyone upon reaching adulthood, but not mandated.
Capital Punishment: Capital punishment is illegal, but the death penalty is allowed in heinous crimes. 
Secondary Education:  The government will ensure that secondary education is free and available to all students. 
Prohibition:   The possession, consumption, distribution, and sale of alcohol is legal for adults in this country. 
Energy: The nation strongly supports alternative energy sources, and seeks to mitigate pollution. 
Assisted Suicide:   Any and all forms of assisted suicide are illegal in this country.
Same-Sex Marriage:   Any two adults have the right to get married, regardless of their sex.
Unions:   Worker unions are mandated by the government in large businesses. 
Campaign Finance:   The government cannot tell someone how they can or can't spend their money.
Speech:  All citizens are granted the right to free speech by their government. 
Hard Drugs: The use of "hard" drugs is strictly illegal. 
Spending:   Deficit spending is allowed and necessary at some times.
Infant Circumcision: Parents have the right to circumcise their infant boys, if they so choose. 
Immigration: The government will accept immigrants, but sets hard quotas on how many can enter the country. 
Gun Rights:  Citizens are allowed to own only a limited number of rifle firearms, and no handguns.
Religion:   The government cannot endorse any specific religion, and there is a clear separation of church and state. 
Healthcare:   The government provides free healthcare services for all citizens.
Polygamist Marriage:   Any number of consenting adults have the right to get married together.
Taxes:  The only income tax is a flat tax at the same rate for all citizens.
Torture: The government will not torture any individual, for any reason.
Abortion:   Women always have the choice to have an abortion, at any point during their pregnancy.
Welfare:   Any person in poverty is eligible for government welfare programs to provide for their basic needs.