conflict between The Project at Edens Gate from  4th November - 5th November 2022ad

flag of The Project at Edens Gate

The Project at Edens Gate is a part of the alliance Morningstar ​

The attack of Parnu is a result of an attempted "liberation"

Parnu gained 0 superiority lost ground and air control to The Project at Edens Gates' over 105,000 soldiers compared to Parnu's 65,000 during the attacks and it would only decrease from there.

after countless failed airstrikes and ground battles on Edens Gate peace was offered from Parnu.​


The official conflicted lasted* for 8 days in Orbis | Oct 28th - Nov 5th 2081


"The ministers once again discuss the good of an alliance as debates spark in the common rooms. One minister was escorted out of a room due to the anger stirred by one comment" PARNUSOF initiated an investigation that eventually lead Joseph Seed to justice


The Project at Edens Gate war ends | Politics and War