Parnu Healthcare


There are many watercraft travelling up and down Parnu waterways, so understanding the rivers and canals is important for anyone on the water.  Below is a marine model for "Parnu river", the most used and populus area of Parnu.

Effects of a dispersal barrier on freshwater migration of the vimba bream (Vimba vimba). Boreal Environment Research 23: 339-353.

Parnu Port Authority [PPA], Merevagi and Parnu Sea Rescue [PSR] are all entities you will encounter out on the water.

  • Parnu Sea Rescue specializes in open water healthcare and emergencies in the gulf of Parnu, some examples are: Ship emergencies/crashes, storm rescues, drowning rescues, seaplane emergencies ect.
  • Merevagi, the Merevagi [navy] is a layer of the Parnu Defence Forces [military] and operates in the gulf and Baltic sea for various training purposes. The PPA is also partly responsible for clearing zones for these ships during exercises, PSR is always on standby around times the Merevagi is active on the water.
  • Parnu Port Authority, PPA is responsible for maintaining how the Parnu port is run, this includes; tax rates, business co-operation, port security and radio. (PPA also enforces laws and regulations that every ship should follow.) All radio communication between any ship in the gulf or at the port will be controlled by PPA.