The Republic of Parnu

The Parliamentary Republic of Parnu also known as Parnu / The Republic of Parnu is a country in Europe on the western coast of the Baltics. It shares land borders with Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. [ ].


 [flag]   [coat of arms]

Parnu territory includes the islands Saaremaa and Hiiumaa. This narrow strech of territory [ 10 miles wide on average ] starts from parnu city then proceeds further down and ends at Riga. [ see MAP PAGE for viewing ]


The capital city, Parnu aka Parnu city is the largest urban population centre in The Republic, As of  March 2092 around 11,383,011 people live in Parnu.

Most people in Parnu [nation] speak either Finnish/Estonian or/and English

The national anthem was Sakkijarven polka video link 2078-2088 (10 yrs) more info

The National anthem  "The Anthem" video link 2088-2092

Current anthem is "Parnu Marss" video linkSocialist reform of Pärnu | 2091-

Table of contents
  1. History 
  2.  pre history / Viking age 
  3.   1066+
  4.     Livonia / Teutonic order
  5.      Russia
  6.        Estonia 
  7.         Independence 
  8. Flag
  9. Geology/land 
  10. Population 
  12. Great time failure 


Prehistory and Viking Age

Human settlement in Parnu became possible 13,000-11,000 years ago, when the ice from the last glacial era melted. The oldest known settlement in Parnu is the Pulli settlement, which was on the banks of the river Pärnu, near the town of Sindi, in southwest Parnu. According to radiocarbon dating, it was settled around 11,000 years ago.

from 871-879 various viking trade routes were established leading to profound interest in the region, homes were often filled with residents and wandering tradesmen as there were not alot of places to stay for these people.


The administrative region of Laanemaa would be the first Parnu-like identity as these "administrative regions" were actually more sovereign states that would work together if there was a threat.

Livonia/Teutonic Order 

Around 1207  the livonian order would take a hold of the Baltics and later advance into Estonia taking Sakala and a small amount of Laanemaa.

The Livonian order lasted until 1237 as they were asimmilated into the Teutonic order and it would exist as the Livonian Confederation throughout  1410 to 1583 during the Livonian war. in 1561 Parnu became merged with "The Duchy of Courland and Semigallia" this would be owned by different countries including:

 Vassal state of Grand Duchy of Lithuania (1561-1569)


after 1795  the "Governorate of Livonia" was established by The Russian Empire in the "Capitulation of Estonia and Livonia." This governate had nine administrative divisions including Pernau. while under the Russian control autonomy were in the hands of "Baltic nobility" through "landtag".


The governates of Estonia and Livonia were merged to create Estonia. From 1944 to 1991 Estonia was under russian occupation again until the 1991 fall of the soviet union.


The Republic of Parnu gained independence from Estonia in 1991 after they declared independence from Estonia.

The "Forrest Brothers fighting against the soviet union in ww2 using gorilla tactics lead to a unified Parnu-ish identity and this layed the groundwork for the Parnu military and defence force.

The Republic of Parnu's flag is currently this:
[Oct 25 2091- current
 and coat of arms version 

"Symbolism; red symbolises the heart of our people, the blue waves are the water and also the ribbons of our merevägi (navy) that symbolises a strive forward. The white side element symbolises the un-stained bricks of pärnu City and our strength, the Yellow encased red 5 pointed star is a symbol placed between our heart and our strenght. It also represents the 5 continents of which communism may stand.The coat of arms will stay the same, because the Pärnu bear will never surrender, it unites and is the heritage symbol of the Pärnu people." source 

[Feb 17 2085-Oct 2091]

February 17th is when Parnu held another flag referendum, two flags were proposed that added a black border to the crest. Flag A had a thick border , flag B had a thin border. 
After counting votes the flag A beat flag B and beating those votes which preferred the original.
3 votes for the new designs and 3 to keep the original as Parliament voted on the new flag.
[ March 9th ] [ February 17 ]

  [new template]
  [old template]

[ Sep 8 2083- March 9 2085]

On September 8th 2083 this became the national flag after a poll was conducted on a proposed flag [ see here ] but the results were 6(for) and 5(against) so the government compromised on this decision and created the flag currently used [ source ] | as standard the PNB news bulletin thumbnail template was also changed.
 [ new template ]
 [ old template ]

Parnu flag [ 2082-2083 ]
This flag became the national flag after the previous was deemed too indistinguishable from the Shetland islands' flag and thus on the 4th of July 2082 [25th November 2022a.d] the Government changed the flag and PNB released a bulletin on why they did this :  The Republic of Pärnu changes flag | Politics and War

PNB was subject to change their template as instructed by the government and so as such the template thumbnail PNB used were changed by designers using the correct flag.
 [ old template pre-flag change ]
 [ modern template after flag change ]
Even though PNB were only asked to change the flag, the designers enlisted on this project took this time to develop a more aesthetically pleasing design. Side bars were added, the flag changed, a filter was placed over the image and the blue colour was hue shifted upwards giving a lighter tone.
New hex code : #0088D4

Geology / Land

The Republic of Parnu has a land area of 14,820.00 sq. miles


The Republic of Parnu has a population of 11,393,011 with a national average population density of 99.57 per square mile. source


PARNUSOF /  PRNUSOF [ Parnu Special Operations Force ] is an international investigation and special forces team that investigates issues or people(s) that pose a threat to Orbis and/or The Republic of Parnu 

The commander is an experienced combat mechanist called Beau Price.

This force has been responsible for putting Joseph Seed's crimes in an indexed document that was used at his trial eventually resulting in his death.

The great time failure 

It was January  2083 but all clocks and digital time keeping records displayed dates from Jan 1st to Jan 3rd as "2082".  The first notice of this was made by several sources working in Parnu's commerce , industry, transport and cyber sectors as these disrupted communication. One person called the cyber and telecoms minister Riina Jarvinen about this discrepancy and soon emails were sent to every email address explaining this and how engineers are working to fix the situation.


From: Riina

Hello Today you may or may not have noticed that the year is incorrectly displaying "2082" just to be clear today is not 2082 it is a mistake / malfunction. We are working hard to rectify this | Recommended to not use any calendar , weather or trade calculating applications until we solve this. If you have any information regarding this issue please reply back

Above is an excerpt from the Email mass spread, as you can see this is a specific email account "SevKirylPNB" This is Sev Kiryl, the main overview manager at PNB [Parnu News Broadcaster]  the bulletin company reliable for most news coming from and about Parnu. However Sev did not put any bulletin in production, instead he forwarded the email to the Parnu Times [ a faster none-gov funded news network ] and they released the bulletin independently  New Year's glitch? | Politics and War.

after this all happened, on January 17th 2083 researchers discovered the reason for the time failure [ the following is an excerpt from PM speech | understanding the time failure on new years eve | Politics and War  ] "We found out that this was caused by the clock reaching it's 32 bit interger limit , how did we find this out? well.. the 32 bit limit is 2,147,483,647. from 1970 is when this clock started and the limit when translated into readable words would be 2038 so what we did was 2038-1970=68 . Knowing that the gap was 68 years and knowing that the Orbis clock started in 2014 we can 2014+68= 2082" said Riina Jarvinen 


Systems Empire invasion of Parnu 2089

The invasion of Parnu was a military invasion into Parnu by The Systems Empire that commenced during an Orbis-wide several alliance war.

( post invasion- Alliance map by NY )

Invasion Timeline

March 29th 2089

Systems aircraft enter Parnu airspace from the North and East and headed straight for the Capitol (Parnu City) -Parnu AA managed to inflict casualties on the aircrafts- 

"EMP and graphite bombs fell on the capital and nearby military installations cutting power and scrambling communications."

Several bombs were dropped on Parnu and Parnu city as well as around and on many military instillations that weren't immediately engaged in AA combat

" Systemian legions and army groups were ordered to move in, cutting into the countryside of Parnu, and strikiing from all sides. Air support helped push back the fierce resistance many of the units were facing. "

source: Invasion of Parnu | Politics and War

March 30th 2089

Although the Parnu military were capable to repel invasions and had the technological capability to protect Parnu for at least a couple of months, Parnu decided to surrender to The Systems Empire under the guise of the protection of Parnu and systems people and protection of cities and monuments as well as lives on each side. Simply Parnu was able to repel the attack but the war for both sides would be extremely detrimental.

(Parnu declaration of surrender)

source:  Pärnu attacked and surrenders | Politics and War

Note: Systems did not invade Parnu for invading Parnu but to invade Parnu as Parnu is in The Global Watch and Systems is at war with the GW through their alliance ISP.

Note: Parnu surrendered so early in the war that Systems had not even made it past their first part of their invasion plan.

Military Organisation [wip]


Parnu Air Force
Badge of the Parnu Air Force
Founded6 March 1918; 105 years ago (1918-03-06)
Country Parnu
BranchAir force
RoleAerial warfare
  • 3,100 active personnel
  • 38,000 reserve personnel
Part ofParnu Defence Forces
  • Latin: Qualitas Potentia Nostra
  • (English: "Quality is our Strength")
Total aircraft159
  • Invasion of Parnu
CommanderMajor-General Juha-Pekka Keränen
Aviator badge
Aircraft flown
FighterBoeing F/A-18C Hornet