silhouette of man illustration Beau Price

Bea Price is the commanding leader of ParnuSOF ( Parnu Special operations Force ) 

He took lead of the Joseph Seed investigation and contacted Joseph himself 


Born and raised in Sauga-Parnu by a Parnuish mother and American father. After graduating collage Beau joined the Parnu Defence Force as a vehicle operator and soon got promoted to senior Merevagi (navy) engineer.

 He took part in many exercises around the Baltic sea and Finnish coast.

once five years with the Merevagi passed Price would be initiated into training with ParnuSOF by a senior member present on many exercises Beau was a part of.


Beau Price would join ParnuSOF as a vehicle operator once again but was given freedom to put forward reasons for investigations. Two weeks after being within ParnuSOF, evidence given by Price would lead to the arrest of 4 Kaitsevagi (Army) soldiers and 1 U.N.O peacekeeping soldier in relation to drug rings facilitated through military personnel.