LGBTQ+ minorities in Parnu are protected as a "protected group" under Parnu law meaning that any serious crime on a queer person purported because of how the victim is dressed, presents, or because they are openly LGBTQ is considered a hate crime in Parnu. A further extent of this is LGBTQ+ healthcare, any LGBTQ+ person is as eligible to receive healthcare as any other. Parnu healthcare facilities and staff cannot refuse healthcare to an LGBTQ person based on the fact the person is LGBTQ+.

Trans Healthcare

A trans/transgender person has the right to Gender Re-assignment Surgery and Hormone Replacement Therapy. Most commonly referred to as "top" and "bottom" surgery, theses surgeries come after Hormone Replacement Therapy, GRS is the process to reshape sexual organs of the person that match with their associated gender identity.

To be eligible for HRT or GRS or any other amount of treatment is;

  • Diagnosis of Gender dysphoria by medical professional or Phycologist,
  • If under ages of 15 needs parental consent, 
  • At least 2 or more years still identifying trans after Diagnosis

Recommendation from friends, family, or GP/family or personal doctor

Several Mental / Phycological institutions are required to accept trans or genderqueer individuals and can give Gender Dysphoria diagnosis' for people around Parnu.