2081 Championship

2081's Championship took place in March from the 23rd to the 24th in the British Poole Island's Port Clarke Rally Track. It was raining on the second day which might have contributed to the team score

here is the score table : 

Leaderboard : 

1st=  RoDevian Racers | 58points

2nd=  Jusnu Slavenu | 53points

3rd=   The Fort Shaw Racers | 49points

4th= Proton-Petronas Racing | 42points

5th=   Guoryou National Racing team | 36points

6th=  Super Supras | 26points

RoDevian earned : $100,000

Jusnu Slavenu earned : $50,000

The Fort Shaw Racers earned $25,000

Bulletins :  O.R.C 2081 completed race score | Politics and War

O.R.C 2081 Championship | Politics and War