is not made with ill faith or intentions to the real destination of Parnu county/city { in estonia } . The intention of this website is not to create confusion or to misconstrue Parnu's reputation or basis on any matter. The real intention of this website is to expand on a fictional [] nation/account called "The Republic of Parnu" to a websapace for quicker interactivity, information and detail, a statement is to be made that as a side effect the attention of The Republic of Parnu from would increase interest to Parnu and Estonia respectively. The use of the flag and name does come under scrutiny but we are able to say that these are used transformatively and hold only visual relation to their real world counterparts.

The use of these elements aren't made in piracy but admiration and an interest to Estonia and it's rich history by the creator of this web page , "as a side thing the hope is to get people as interested in Estonia as i am"

if you are a representative that wants us to change our flag, name e.c.t please Contact Us 

maybe you will see the subtle likeness of our cause.