Since 2080

track list

Tartu Toyota GR Yaris Rally1

This rally is taking place in Tartu on March 30th. See Bottom of this webpage for pricing options. [In progress]

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Formula E race

this cold January O.R.C championship took place in Jakarta, Majapahit. 10 nations competed. 2084

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blue sedan passing by a rough road

BPI rally race

this rainy March O.R.C championship took place in the British Poole Islands. 6 nations competed. 2081

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red racing car on snow field

Parnu rally race

The first O.R.C championship took place in December of 2080 in The Republic of Parnu.

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ticket details

not for teams* 


$ 0.00

  • basic seating
  • snack machines available
  • serves food (not free)
  • available amenities
  • no wrist band but must show ID


$ 10.00

  • restaurants and venues
  • free food/snacks/drink except alchohol
  • tech wrist banned 
  • seated balcony/ground views

rally pass

$ 25.00

/ month
  • get access to lower prices of individual races
  • better vantage points for view
  • housing/club accommodation
  • everything from the sightseer ticket but more

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