conflict between -USA- from  2nd November - 4th November 2022ad

flag of-USA-

-USA- is a part of the alliance The Horde that is attacking The Coven

The attack of Parnu is a result of Parnu being a part of The Coven and -USA- "wanting money"

Parnu gained air superiority but lost ground control to -USA-'s over 100,000 soldiers compared to Parnu's 76,000 during the early attacks and it would only decrease from there

after successful airstrikes on -USA-  money and infrastructure, ground battles raged and soon peace was offered from Parnu.​

After this a peace treaty was signed between Aino Rebane and   President John Wood ​

The official conflicted lasted for 16 days in Orbis | Oct 10th - Oct 26th 2081


This once again led to discussions about The Coven and alliances by the people of parnu