PARNUSOF [ Parnu Special Operations Force ] is an international investigation and special forces team that investigates issues or people(s) that pose a threat to Orbis and/or The Republic of Parnu 

man in green and brown camouflage army suit holding rifle

PARNUSOF functions in limited regard as a part of the kaitsevagi ( army ) and has access to elite soldiers and Equipment. It also sometimes provides protection for diplomats and important political peoples although this role is often times occupied by the Police, Kaitsevagi or K-Kommando.

The current leader of PARNUSOF  is Beau Price

Parnu Estonia Corps

Parnu has accepted a deal with Estonia to defend both of the two nation's sovereignty and border with the joint Estonia-Parnu Special Task Force Corps[E-PSTFC] 

Estonia-Parnu Corps, what we do.

Investigation List:The Project at Eden's Gate | Lunoria [Inactive]

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