The U.N.O was [publicly] established on the 2nd of October 2022ad and Parnu has applied for membership on that very same day and is now the 21st Nation to join. The U.N.O functions as the new "United Nations" organization that hopes to bring stability or in it's own words:

"The United Nations of Orbis is a non-profit international organization that seeks to organize and facilitate roleplay in Orbis. it is an Anti-war organization that was founded out of a massive RP war (hence three stars on our flag which represent the different factions in the conflict) and vows to create a united Orbis. U.N.O also wants to make proceedings here as close to real life as possible. It is through these goals and promises that we present The United Nations of Orbis." 


As respect for creating such an organization Parnu gave $930,000 worth of iron to 4 nations for free within the U.N.O 

if you are interested in joining please click here (discord link)


The Republic of Parnu has joined the internal U.N.O faction of NEUTRALS . This Faction is not neutral in politics as that is reserved for the INDEPENDENTS faction but instead is anti-war and wants to preserve  peace across Orbis. Parnu encourages nations to adopt this mantra even outside of the U.N.O.


link is here to all the info https://politicsandwar.fandom.com/wiki/NADP-AFC-PCDP_War?so=search