The following is the result of an investigation into 'The Project at Edens Gate' from November 6th 2081ot / November 5th 2022a.d to June 2nd 2082ot / November 23rd 2022a.d [2.5 weeks a.d / 6months o.t] by the Parnu Special Operation Forces [PARNUSOF] leaded by Beau Price

Precursor  / reason for investigation​

The first reason for investigation was due to the conflict on October 28th 2081 that lead researchers and PARNUSOF into a funded investigation of "genocides and ill-actions against citizens and military personnel" supposed to be happening or have happened within The Project at Edens Gate.

What is The Project at Edens Gate?

'The Project at Edens Gate' aka 'Edens Gate' is a religious community turned into a defacto nation government. The leader of Edens Gate is a man named Joseph Seed , a notorious 'cult leader' according to the Hope County police service.

here is an artistic depiction of Edens Gate| Joseph Seed ( middle ) | Jacob Seed ( man with knife, right ) | John Seed ( closest left ) | Faith Seed ( woman on right ) |


//this includes sensitive content, if you feel upset by the Edens Gate investigation below please do not read forward and if you are really effected contact the Samaritans or friends for help.// Genocide / explosions / loss of life / firearms / school terrorism / death // 

The investigation

1A Catholic Genocide 

The Genocide of Catholics -- October 3rd 2022ad -- 

It started on October 2nd 2022ad when Joseph Seed Denounced the catholic church during a press conference and according to a survey conducted by Weston Parsons  " 86% of people thought the Church is a threat to Eden’s Gate. And 70% ​of those questioned hope The Father will take a public stance against the Church" [ source ]. 

Outside the capitol building on October 3rd 2022ad 300 Catholics gathered in response to the words of Joseph Seed and by proxy Edens Gate. A light protest started by some Catholics provoked the response of 500 federal troops by and according to Weston Parsons  "a small group, lead by none other than Nathaniel Rye stayed their ground, throwing rocks, which soon turned to make shift Molotovs." [ source

After this the federal troops open fired on a group of 44* leaving 19 dead and 22 injured including the posed protest leader  Nathaniel Rye.


The federal officers lives were not in immediate danger which didn't contribute a response this violent. The use of live fire rounds instead of bean bags / none lethal ammunition indicates clear mis-training, misuse and lack of control by the federal officers. The acts by the protesters are condemned by law but should not be by death. This is clear Genocide

In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;

(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

The Project at Edens gate has committed (a) and should be punished in an international court of law.

1B Escape / Aircraft incident

October 3rd 2022--

After "THE DECREE OF ARMS" law was put into effect thousands of Catholics fled to airports and borders to escape the violence however crossing the border on foot would "be a death sentence". A Catholic military pilot saw this and sent an announcement to bring his fellow people to safety in The Empire of Majapahit. 1000* Catholics showed at the military base and successfully forced their way in even while under fire from the military personnel, 650 passengers managed to board the plane and the rest were stranded as the plane left in haste as military personnel continued to fire upon the Catholics while boarding. 10 minutes after take-off  the plane was struck by a missile fired by the Edens Gate military and all 650 passengers died either on impact with the missile or by the ensuing impact with the ground. As for the 250 people left on the airstrip 50+ were shot on site and 100+ were arrested, just over 100 Catholics of the 1,000 managed to escape over the border. [ source ]

  [ picture released by Edens Gate ]


Unlike the protests.. this event is human survival from a tyrannical force. The law made Catholic people essentially enemies of the state...ethnic cleansing? " a purposeful policy designed by one ethnic or religious group to remove by violent and terror-inspiring means the civilian population of another ethnic or religious group from certain geographic areas" this is a definition of ethnic cleansing and it is clear that Joseph Seed has committed Genocide and Ethnic cleansing. A direct threat to Catholics. 


October 4th 2022ad--

Over 500 bodies were discovered in Edens Gate territory by a citizen of a neighbouring country, all bodies had connections with Catholicism of some kind. The dig lasted for 8 hours until 50 Edens Gate soldiers arrested the diggers. 

No person is claiming to know what happened to the bodies / why they're there but it is likely to be another massacre of Catholics by Edens Gate. 


Once again this is continued acts of Genocide and Ethnic cleansing without mercy or reconciliation but unlike other examples Edens Gate attempted to hide this atrocity. 112 children have said to have been discovered in this grave.. this shows that joseph seed and his commanders don't recognise their in-humane actions and will not stop the attack on Christians even if it means harming children.


October 6th 2022ad-- 

Joseph Seed granted all Catholics passage to The Empire of Majapahit and The Japanese Isles. The Nations traded food and supplies for the safe passage of the Christians, the apparent switch in attitude was due to Joseph Seeds' newly stated "love thy neighbour" mantra. in order to not miss detail in paraphrase here is a part of the bulletin excerpt : [ source ]

"When news was announced that Eden’s Gate was allowing Catholics to leave, there was anger amongst the military. But they mostly complied with the order to stand down. Catholics however we’re slow to accept this news. Many thought it a trick to try and capture them. However when The first Catholics arrived at the port, they were terrified to see four large ships with over 300 armed personnel in each. 

This sight caused the first to flee, thinking it a trap. However when the guards did not fire on them, they slowly returned and began to board their respective ships. During the boarding, over 5000 Eden’s Gate Citizens gathered in protest, demanding that the Catholics be killed, blaming them for the Earthquake as God punishing them.

Screams of anger soon turned to rocks being thrown and firearms being brought to the protest as a sign of strength. It was at this point where The Father personally arrived at the port. And the crowd went silent. It was a moment of anxiety for both sides as The Father stepped out of the Backseat of a truck. But no one would have guessed his companion.

As The Father stepped out, he was holding The Hand of a five year deal old little girl. Around her neck was a cross necklace. And I’m her free hand was held a small pink Bible, not The Word of Joseph, when the crowd saw this they stayed silent.

And this silence persisted as The Father began to walk through the crowd, guiding the little girl through towards the ship. Citizens were quick to make a path. And soon, The Father began to sing as he walked the little girl through the crowd towards the dock, Amazing Grace was his song, and soon the little girl joined in. Soon to follow was the over 6,000 Catholics on the four ships as they all gathered on the ship‘s decks to watch the scene."


While some experts say Joseph Seed's mood change to be a side effect of his speculated Schizophrenia it could very well be an effort to preserve ammunition / manpower or some other ulterior motive, 300 armed personnel is allot for some ships when crew sizes on average range from 13 to 24 people. 


October 8th 2022ad -- 

On one of the ships heading to Majapahit a group of 'mutinous Edens Gate Soldiers' detonated three IED'S [ Improvised Explosive Devices ] on the ship, this attempt to kill 1,500 passengers on-board was a message to Joseph Seed as they believed he had 'strayed too far from the path'. This '200 man' revolt lead to the bombs being planted and soon enough detonated resulting in 700 civilian  deaths + 28 crew members and 3 soldiers that refused to join the mutiny.

After the capture of the control room a 30 minute battle played out between loyal Edens gate soldiers and the mutiny soldiers, the death toll reads; 42 Loyal Edens Gate soldiers , 29 crew , 25 insurgents / mutineers . 96 total fatalities [ source


While the mutiny isn't a direct result of Joseph Seeds orders.. the reason of attack was extremist belief in their own already extreme ideology and faith. This was not a 'i am just following orders' situation but instead an 'I will do right what god wants not the orders I receive' || PARNUSOF deem this event to be very debatable and blame cannot rest upon one individual or ideology , every party is responsible in part ||The death of civillians requires that Joseeph Seed or/and Jonathan Myers ( the military leader of the insurgents ) to take responsibility and if not shall be immediately arrested or killed.



display and analysis

This is a short segment but we feel it is important to note. Punji pits / punji stakes are 'booby traps' designed to impale soldiers often time placed beneath 'fake Leafs / undergrowth' and covered in some sort of camouflage. While preparing for a land invasion from the empire of Majapahit Edens Gate established several traps, here they are below  

While all of these images are 'inhumane' the spike traps are especially gruesome, these traps are designed to slowly kill and puncture through the body even when alive. The concealed nature of these traps also pose a threat to civilians and medics. Any risk to humanitarian aid can produce no humanitarian aid due to the danger to the workers have to face in the site furthermore these traps are unmarked so it isn't outside the range of possibility for these weapons to injure / kill the army that placed them.



--12 October 2022ad--// content warning //

From 1:30pm to 5:30pm 4 bombings [IED's] occurred on civilian targets in The Empire of Majapahit. The first bombing focused on the national bank around 1:26pm ( a time where it would be at maximum capacity of civilians ). | 12 dead | 28 injured |

The second target was a high school in the capitol city and the explosion happened at 12:15pm during the school's lunch. The person that planted a bomb was an indoctrinated 16 year old student and would later use a firearm. Once the backpack with the IED was placed next to students the 16 year old Edens Gate member headed to the bathroom to construct his firearm fully [ pistol ] . 39 students died in the innitial explosion and 14 more by the gunman injuring 64*. The boy was shot and killed by local authorities.

The third target was a shopping mall. an Edens Gate 'chosen one' would walk into the supermarket strapped with explosives and at 2:30pm he would 'flip the switch' and kill 7 people, injuring 12 and dying himself.

The deadliest explosion was inside a skyscraper.  "24 of the fifty Eden’s Gate members entered the 330 foot tall skyscraper at 4:300 PM Each had a duffel bag of explosives and had strapped themselves with some. They entered with AR-15s and began to slaughter everyone on the first floor as they began to make their ways to their destinations." a ten hour stand-off ensued with authorities killing 4 officers and 3 Edens gate soldiers. 2 hours after continuous failed negotiation attempts explosions shook the skyscraper and soon a fire engulfed the bottom foundation and the tower collapsed killing everyone inside | over 700 civilians | 38 firefighters


These are the most vile acts committed by Edens Gate so far, even without reading between the lines it's clear that Joseph Seed is directly responsible for the deaths of over 740 civilians in this situation alone.

International humanitarian law would perceive these actions as obvious war crimes and crimes against humanity | the deliberate targeting of civilians |1| genocide |2| Terrorism / intent to cause fear and harm through violence or death |3|



--21 October 2022ad 1:53pm--

3 Nuclear warheads exploded seven miles from the coast of The Japanese isles, these missiles were launched from submarines and detonated with 750 kilotons of force beneath the ocean. Tsunamis killed many that were on the beaches. 

[ picture released by Edens Gate showing damages ]

Soon a nuclear warhead struck the Crimean peninsula which killed many troops involved with the then ongoing Lunorian war , this was followed by nuclear strikes in Greenland designed to harm Cydonia. Many smaller explosions were heard and felt in the nation of Hunton and Forrest fires erupted "on all sides" of Hunton , Civilian causalities are unknown but civilians are said to have been burned alive. 

[ picture depicting the fires in Hunton ]

More nuclear situations would occur as Gouroyou would face nuclear radiation which killed many citizens un-protected [ pictures too brutal to show . Majapahit in east asia would feel several explosions around the land, fire and smoke clouds made many small village communities rendered dead by default as there was little time and too much distance towards bunkers.


[ picture depicting Majapahit ]

"Along with all these accounts, over 28 other cases of such things have been reported from across the world. From South America, North America, Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia. The World as we know it, had been changed."


These are once again indiscriminate attacks on Orbis that have happened without punishment towards Joseph Seed. with over 30 cases of explosions or nuclear attacks committed by Edens Gate.

It is at this point into the investigation that the severity of the Edens Gate religious community should be labelled as one of the most dangerous groups leaded by one of the most dangerous individuals that has existed since The Republic of Parnu was founded.


26th October 2022ad--

The death count has now been confirmed to be 1.8 Billion people and areas have been either flooded , impacted by radiation or have seize to exist in their entirety. 

blue = flooded

red= directly hit

green/olive = affected by radiation

as you can see London is decimated and most land masses/nations in Europe have been affected in one way or another. Even if spared from radiation and floods the nuclear winter would soon spread harm in its wake.  "An estimated 238,000 square miles of land have been flooded in at least four feet of water, with some areas being as deep as ten feet."






Every continent on Orbis excluding Antarctica have been subject to extreme amounts of suffering and carnage. The people unaware of Edens Gate nuclear launches were killed without a chance to escape the blasts, even citizens that escaped inside bunkers ( if there were any ) would have to endure the nuclear radiation , fallout and winter. almost all agriculture would have been erased and the landscape of the earth beneath us would be ever different from before this attack on Orbis by a single group of individuals that held utmost power yet zero control.




According to  The Book of Joseph , the Seed siblings came from a broken household, with an alcoholic and highly religious father. They lived in a poor neighbourhood in Rome, Georgia. The father would later pull Joseph and Jacob out to be home-schooled. Their mother did little to act, seemingly turning a deaf ear to what was happening, apparently having been crushed by her marriage to her husband.

After teachers discovered that John had been beaten, the Seed siblings were placed into social services. "Old Man Seed" the father would die in a federal prison in Atlanta towards the end of his sentence, having apparently fallen down stairs, while their mother would never be seen again.

The Seed siblings would be sent to an orphanage first, and then to foster parents in a small town not far from Rome, where they would be beaten, forced to work in the fields, care for themselves and live in a barn. One night, Jacob set fire to the farm, and knocked out their adoptive father with an axe handle. Afterward, the Seeds would be diagnosed by psychiatrists as dangerous, and who needed to be separated. Jacob was placed in a juvenile detention centre, John was adopted by the Duncan family, and Joseph was left alone at the orphanage, passing through several foster families throughout his adolescence.

Later on, Joseph would reunite with his siblings and begin the Project at Eden's Gate.

Joseph Seed



Hair Colour-Dark brown

founder and leader of "the Project at Edens Gate" 

Seed truly believes that he was chosen by God and that he was told of the coming end of the world. His goal is to protect his followers, or "children" from the coming end and lead them to "Eden's gate."

Joseph is shown to be a psychopath, having no problem killing, torturing and looting to advance his project. Despite this, he has shown mercy on the people numerous times,  one could claim that Joseph Seed has plenty of empathy, albeit very misplaced empathy. He is calm in dire situations, and is very charismatic, leading to his rise to power, convincing numerous people to join him. He may actually have some sort of supernatural powers, as is shown with his prediction of the nuclear explosion (although he may have been at fault) and his quote "sometimes it's best to leave well enough alone" which was a direct quote from  Whitehorse  while approaching in the helicopter.

As a young man, Joseph squatted in an old packing plant in his hometown as he searched for his brothers, working as a bellhop in the meantime. During this time, he would also become deeply interested in religion in an attempt to understand the Voice. Later, he would move to Atlanta in search for John and found work as a garbage collector. In many of his jobs, he was fired for talking about the Voice. Later on, he took on the position as a caretaker in a psychiatric hospital. One night as he went to the hospital for the late shift, he was mugged by three men and it was then that the Voice contacted him for the final time. The Voice gave him a vision of the apocalypse and the "punishment" that would be inflicted upon the world.

After recruiting his two brothers into his Vision, Joseph began to preach out of a former slaughterhouse in Rome, Georgia, eventually building up a considerable congregation of the marginalized in society. However, following the disappearance of a man who had been kicked out of Eden's Gate, the police interrogated and accused the Seeds of being behind the man's disappearance. After that, the Seeds then moved to Hope County with their following.

He had a wife and a daughter, both of which were involved in some type of car accident while traveling to see a friend. During the accident his wife was killed, leaving him with only his infant daughter. When he was in the hospital he says they handed him a pink bundle filled with tubes (his daughter). While in a room alone with his daughter Joseph believes that that's when God told him about the end of the world and to start Eden's Gate. He then killed his daughter by pinching the plastic tube attached to her face; shutting off his daughter's life support to prove his willingness to "serve God no matter what he asks.”

Jacob Seed [ deceased  according to Edens Gate ]



Hair Colour-Red

Eye Colour-Blue

Jacob Seed is a 44-year-old veteran of the United States Armed Forces, in which he served as a marksman as a part of the 82nd Airborne Division, the same 82nd Airborne Division Dutch served before him. He is responsible for maintaining the security of his family and training new soldiers for Eden's Gate.

Jacob Seed was a veteran from the first Gulf War in Iraq. When he was a child, he often fought with his parents and stood up for his brothers, who looked up to him as a protector. He also frequently fought with Joseph and blames himself deep down for how corrupt things have become despite his ability to prevent it.

According to The Book of Joseph, Jacob deliberately set fire to their foster parent's farm and was sent to a juvenile detention centre. There, he continued to be rebellious, and constantly clashed with the correctional system. Despite this, reports praised him for his sense of honour and leadership skills. After serving out his sentence, he joined the Army, serving several tours on the front lines of Iraq and Afghanistan. He was wounded and decorated multiple times. Once, while he was deployed, he and his best friend Miller were shot down and separated from their unit and forced to walk approximately 200 kilometres to the nearest base. They were never going to make it in time with the rations they had, so Jacob killed Miller and cannibalized him so that he had enough supplies to make it to safety.

However, a later medical report warned Jacob's superiors that he was suffering from PTSD. He was declared unfit for service and sent to a military hospital. After running out of money, he was discharged and ended up in a homeless shelter in his hometown of Rome, Georgia, where Joseph and John would later find him, and recruit him into their ranks as their main soldier.

As protector, Jacob typically forces locals to join Eden's Gate, capturing and torturing anyone who resists, and forcing them to kill one another to cull the weak in "trials" to the death. He also trains wolves with a combination of music and Bliss, luring them in with "Wolf Beacons" that use recordings of caribou as bait. The wolves are used to create the deadly "Judges," far more aggressive and powerful than regular wolves. Some other animals have been used as potential Judges, such as cougars, bears, and even a moose, but the wolves are the primary animal for this experiment.

Jacob brainwashes people as well using "classical conditioning" to make a music a trigger to a homicidal fugue. Subjects are often caged or, initially, tied to chairs for conditioning, and sometimes starved for days on end to force them into a bestial, receptive mindset. It is his intention to use the Deputy, as well as any other captured subjects, to bring down the Whitetail Militia led by his rival, Eli Palmer.

John Seed

John is a cult lawyer prepared to defend his family through the legal system. After the separation of the Seed family, he was adopted by the Duncan family, a wealthy and highly religious family from Atlanta. According to The Book of Joseph, the Duncans considered John's soul to be tainted, and they psychologically tortured John in confessing all and any sins through interrogation and a series of fundamentalist pastors. John came to understand that even if he had nothing to hide, he would need to make something up, and became extraordinarily skilled at disguising himself with what others wanted to see. As a result, he became skilled at psychological manipulation and used this skill to acquire secrets about others to his own advantage.

After attending a prestigious East Coast University and graduating at the top of his class, John became one of the fastest rising lawyers in Atlanta, inheriting a small fortune upon the death of his parents. He became extremely wealthy and well-connected, apparently portraying himself as a physical sign of success. Despite this, he disliked himself and society for what it had done to his childhood and wished for its destruction. At some point John gave himself up to earthly vices and became addicted to sex. By the time Joseph had contacted him, John was an associate at a major law firm undertaking the redevelopment of his childhood neighborhood in his hometown of Rome. After their meeting, John joined Joseph in his Vision under the role of the confessor of Eden's Gate.

Upon arriving at Hope County, John was able to use his fortune in acquiring land and farms without hassle, and quickly became acquainted with the county political and legal system.

Probably, if not the most sadistic out of the four family members, John Seed is not a force to be reckoned with by most. He is known as "The Baptist" and wants people to see their sins and what they have done, literally. He is known to engrave one's “sins” into their skin. When John was younger, he was taken into the kitchen by his parents and beaten senseless until all he could say was "Yes", which is his motto throughout his advertisements. He is hinted at being a masochist and is certainly a sadist. Through cctv footage Joseph says that when he was a child, John was kind and loving, which made him an easy target for abuse and exploitation.

Also to note; John Seed at some point in history became a Regent of Greater Austria-Hungary as seen here


The Project at Edens Gate is a direct threat to civilians in Orbis and by definition a war criminal.  A war crime is a violation of the laws of war that gives rise to individual criminal responsibility for actions by combatants in action, such as intentionally killing civilians or intentionally killing prisoners of war, torture, taking hostages, unnecessarily destroying civilian property. Joseph Seed and any other Seed family members deserve to be condemned in a court of justice. The stories of genocide is reason enough for an intensive manhunt.

ARREST [ ongoing story more to release soon ]

around June 2nd 2082 Joseph Seed was arrested at Majapahit's largest airport "Kuala Lumpur International Airport" with reportedly 'no resistance' towards the obviously elevated police response  "A mass evacuation of the terminal ensued with airport security swarming the area to hold the Father at gunpoint. At the standoff were dozens of police officers tensefully awaiting the Father's next move, snipers with laser-sights aimed at his vital organs, the bomb disposal unit for defusing explosive devices, medical personnel on standby in case of a mass casualty event, firefighters for a major fire or explosion"  after a tense standoff ,Joseph Seed  is put into an unknown secure area, he is awaiting to stand a trial.

surprisingly this doesn't seem to be a ploy as no reports of IED's have been made.

TRIAL [ ongoing story more to release soon ] D1 D2 D3 D4 D5

[ excerpt from 1st bulletin ]

(OOC: this bulletin is not yet fully complete, see: list of judges for example, and perhaps there are still more witnesses and jurists some of you want to send. If that is the case just comment or message me and I will update the bulletin! Also to the prosecution team: considering not everyone has made their wish concerning the sentencing yet, so the sentence asked for in the last paragraph can still be modified after we have debated abt it.The current sentence asked for is just a placeholder by me for now. So without further ado: enjoy!)

On this day, July 9 2082, the Singapore International Judicial and Criminal Court was founded. The Majapahit government concluded that no national, Majapahit court of law would have the rightful authority to preside over the trial of J. Seed, considering that he is a terrorist that has committed universally despicable acts on an international scale which has affected many different peoples.  

The SIJCC will not be limited to handling the case of J. Seed, as it is intended that they will also preside over future disputes between two or more nations. The SIJCC consists of ten to fifteen judges: Aeman bin Mohammed (Majapahit), Viola Adams (Pärnu), Gopal Mukherjee (Chittagong), Luke Lander (Corsica),Tron Zimp (Hunton), Alina Reeves (Luna), [more to come…].

The International Community v. Joseph Seed (2082)

The prosecution shall consist of at least the Attorney General of the Canadian Federation, secondary prosecutor Wihake Toro (the Japanese Isles), Jacob Permaftili (Dauchh Palki), Ivy R. Wells (Luna) and Ismail Yasmuddin (Majapahit). The prosecution would like to specifically thank Beau Price and [PARNUSOF] from the Republic of Pärnu for their help in gathering and indexing evidence of Joseph's crimes. Mr. Price's invaluable investigation and list of evidence can be found here. The prosecution will call upon the following witnesses to testify during the trial: 

  • Ari Valoris (Luna) 
  • Marcus Atwood (Luna)
  • Vera Tanner (Dauchh Palki)
  • Mito Tanaka (Japanese Isles)
  • Anna Raina (Japanese Isles)
  • Shula Roberts (Hunton)

The defendant, J. Seed, has waived his right to be represented by a lawyer during the course of the trial. He has informed the SIJCC that he would instead like to represent himself. Nonetheless a team of experts, including Joseph Gauthier, will be present to assist the defendant if he requires any legal assistance. 

The defendant, J. Seed, has been charged with:

  • Conspiracy to commit genocide against religious minorities
  • Genocide against religious minorities
    • See the Decree of Arms which led to systematic persecution of Catholics, 
    • destruction of airliner carrying catholic refugees, and
    • discovery of mass graves. 
  • Crime against humanity (enforced disappearance of persons)
    • Capture of two sovereign citizens, S. Huntley and M. Huntley who discovered mass graves; their whereabouts are still unknown.
  • Crime against humanity (murder)
    • Hijacking of refugee ship carrying Catholics and their subsequent murder.
  • Crime against peace (aggression) 
    • Planning and preparing to wage an unjust war against the Majapahit Empire.
  • Crime against humanity (mass murder) combined with a charge of terrorism
    • Ordering terrorist attacks to be carried out in the Majapahit Empire.
  • Conspiracy to commit a crime against peace (aggression)
    • The 'Revelation Project' for the development of nuclear weapons with the intent to use such weapons.
  • War Crimes
    • The torture of POWs and civilians during the Lunorian War, and
    • the forceful baptizing of Lunorian POWs (cruel and humiliating punishment)
  • Crime against humanity (inhumane acts [...] causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical health)
    • The use of ‘Bliss’ psychoactive drugs to diminish the free will of persons.
  • Conspiracy to commit crimes against humanity, and
    carrying out such crime against humanity
    • The Collapse which involved the detonation of nuclear devices around the world resulting in mass death and massive damage to national infrastructure.
      • Most notable in the Japanese Isles, Dauchh Palki, Guoryou, Lunoria, Majapahit and more.

The prosecution accuses J. Seed of being responsible for the deaths of over 1.9 billion people and asks the Court to sentence the defendant to execution by hanging. Furthermore, the prosecution demands that Eden's Gate pay reparations to nations that have suffered material and immaterial damages as a result of the crimes committed by them and the defendant.

Day one: 

11/26/2022 10:12 pm
Updated: 11/26/2022 10:35 pm

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Today, June 23 2082 at noon bells could be heard ringing in the city of Singapore, signaling the official beginning of the trial of Joseph Seed. Leader and founder of the church of Eden’s Gate, terrorist leader, and past theocratic dictator of the now destroyed nation of Eden’s Gate. People took their seats in the court room in silence as the panel of 15 judges began to flip through stacks of paper work at their table. Behind each judge was a flag that represented their respective home country. During this time the panel of over 100 jurors stood with one hand raise beside their head taking an oath to uphold the law’s established and judge on facts not bias. Soon they had finished and they took their seats, around the room was an assortment of different Majapahit military personnel. They each stood at attention and showed not emotion, they were not armed visibly but wielded pistols below their uniforms in case of emergency.

Finally the doors were opened and people starred as Joseph Seed was escorted into the room by four Majapahit officers, each armed with an assault rifle. Joseph’s hands had been handcuffed behind his back to prevent any possible escape, however he was permitted to where something more formal for his trial in contrast to a common prison jumpsuit. His outfit of choice was a washed and cleaned replacement for his common formal where. A white long sleeved collared shirt with sleeves rolled up to his elbows, along with a black vest over it and a pair of jeans and lastly a pair of aviator sunglasses. Joseph made his way to his seat at the front of the room where his hands were uncuffed and he sat down. Beside him was Joseph Gauthier, his lawyer for the case, and legal consultanT.

One of the Judges stood up and licked his thumb and pointer finger to flip a few stabled pages from a folded before he cleared his throat and began to speak.

”The trial of Joseph Seed versus the Singapore International Judicial and Criminal Court. The defendant, Joseph Seed, has received a copy of his indictment and has been in his possession for ten days. During that time Joseph Seed stated to have read over the indictment with his chosen legal consultant. The defendant, J. Seed has refused to accept a lawyer during the case however has agreed to have a legal consultant, one Joseph Gauthier. If the need arises Seed has the right to change his decision and request a lawyer, if one can not be found by Seed then the court will provide one. Joseph Seed has the right to a jury which has been assembled and have sworn their oath to unbiased ears regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, past experience with the defendant, and personal impact caused by the actions of Joseph Seed.” The Judge paused a moment to flip to the next page and adjust his glasses before continuing.


”The Defendant has been accused of conspiracy to commit genocide against religious minorities. Genocode against religious minorities, conspiracy to commit crimes against humanity. A charge of crimes against humanity in the form of enforced disappearance of persons, a second case of crimes against humanity in the form of murder. A third case of crimes against humanity in the form mass murder with an added charge of terrorism. A fourth charge of crimes against humanity in the form of inhumane acts causing great sufferings or serious injury to the body or to mental or physical health. A charge of crimes against peace in the form of aggression against a nation, a charge of war crimes, and lastly conspiracy to commit crimes against humanity and carrying said crimes out.” The judge took off his glasses and sat them down before looking at Joseph.

“Are these accurate to the indictment you received on June 12th of this year Mr. Seed?”

“Yes, your honor.” Answered Joseph as he folded his hands together in his lap.

The Judge nodded and sat down his papers. “And to these charges how do you plead?”

“Guilty.” As Joseph answered Guautheir sighed quietly and rubbed his eyes with his fingers.


Then we may continue, the defendant is entitled to an opening statement before the prosecution calls their first witness to the stand. Mr. Seed, Mr. Guautheir, please make your statement.” The judge then sat back down amongst his peers and leaned back in his chair.

Joseph Ghauiter began to stand but [other] Joseph placed a hand on his shoulder and stood himself. He cleared his throat and starred at the judges panel for a moment silently before turning around to face the jury, News crews, and dozens of people that had come to watch from the rafters above.


“I know what the world thinks, when they look at me they see a monster. They do not see a man, but instead an harbinger of death. An evil and sadistic cult leader who feeds off the pain of others…” Joseph paused as wiped his mouth and eyes.

”And you are right to think so, I have spent my life as a man of God. I believed that I was destined, chosen, to cleanse the world of its sin. To wipe away the filth and star us anew. They called me crazy, but when you wake up in the morning you see the same headlines that I do. This is the world, this is the world we’ve built for our children? Communities being torn apart, walls being erected. Because leaders are to impudent to act, bullies are to idle to lead righteously. But we are not crazy, we can simply see the world for what it has become. I did not ask for this, I was chosen. I heard God’s plan I decided to take action when no one else in the world would! So when I look at what I’ve done, I feel sorrow and regret in my heart. I feel the ever lasting pain in my heart every day because of the death I caused. Yet my regret only comes from my own sins, I did not follow God’s plans as he instructed. Instead I decided that I knew his plans better than he did! I took his ground work and began to corrupt, I infected with a plague that God did not intend. And because of this God is punishing me, and now I stand before you to be judged rightfully, just as God will. I do not claim that the deaths of those who I’ve harmed were ones not intended by God, but I do claim that I was not merciful as he commanded me. I was wrong, I have become a plague, a disease that’s seeped it’s way into the hearts of everyone in this room and beyond. And for those reasons, I am a condemned man, I know that and so do you…” Joseph finally sat down as he finished his statement.


Once Joseph had finished lawyer Ivy R. Wells, a Lunar lawyer, stood and made her way to the front of the room. She turned and cleared her throat before speaking. “For my first witness I would like to call former madam president Ari Valoris to the stand as my witness.“

Soon a woman from the crowd stood, she could have only been in her late thirties or early forties. She was still young and had a beauty to herself, she walked elegantly to the front of the room and sat down at the stand. She wiped her hair from her face and tucked each end behind her ears before folding her hands together and leaning forward ready to speak.

Ivy smiled genuinely at the woman and thanked her in a whisper before looking at the crowd of people.

”This is former Lunar president Ari Valoris, she was a direct witness to the nuclear strike against Cydonia. During the attack, coordinated by Joseph Seed, she was residing in the city and as a result, witnesses countless deaths of her fellow Lunar citizens and herself was injured. The physical and physiological damage that has, and could have, been caused to her is immeasurable. Seeing the country that you fought for be destroyed, seeing the stone coffins of your fellow human beings, and worst of all seeing them die and hearing their screams only feet away from you is enough to drive most people insane. However Ms. Valoris was strong, she dug deep into what she saw and now is willing to tell you what she witnessed, Ms. Valoris if you would please share with the “Father” and the jury what you saw and heard…”


Ari leaned forward and spoke softly into the microphone. “I remember the day the sky went dark again in Luna. It was not the first time we had been struck by a nuclear weapon, but this time was different. They used our own land against us, I remember seeing the flash of the nuclear weapon outside of the city. I saw windows shatter and cars were thrown like rocks across water. It was a terrifying sight…Seeing the world be thrown around like small rocks. So I ran when I had the chance, but as I ran I was injured by a piece of flying metal, luckily the doctors said it wouldn't be fatal and I recovered quickly. I was able to escape the city before it got to bad. I had just began to get outside of the city when the pyroclastic flow from the volcano the weapon had awakened began to fill the city, I saw my people turn to stone before my eyes, I saw buildings being swallowed into clouds of ash…I saw death, I saw terror.” She began to break off and wiped her eyes a few times as she began to stand and walk back to her seat.

As she left Ivy shook her head and looked at Joseph. “Seed, I now ask that you come up here and answer a few questions for me.” Joseph nodded and stood before walking to the stand and taking a seat.

“Joseph Seed, or the ‘Father’ as many people have called you, are thought to be responsible for the launching of multiple nuclear weapons across the world,  which you have called The Collapse. Many of your followers, and even yourself have stated that it was the judgement of God. Now I know the saying God works in mysterious ways, but I’ve never heard of him working in nuclear ways...But my question to you is, can you explain your involvement in The Collapse? ‘Father’.”

”The Collapse was something that was inevitable, it was not my will that it would come but God’s alone. I will stand and shout to the world that I was the one who commanded the research, manufacturing, transportation, and eventual launch of the nuclear war heads used to begin The Collapse. But I will not claim to be the sole man responsible, when God whispered his plan in my ear I understood what I needed to do, and if it were anyone else in this room they would have done the same.”

The crowd began to speak up among themselves, eventually getting loud enough that it blocked out the sounds of Ivy attempting to ask her next question. One voice particularly shouted out from the crowd ‘Hang the b*stard! Shut him up and hang his body from the ruins of his own damn church!” One shout turned into a few more people shouting similar demands and few even threatening Joseph’s life. Each of the judges began to slam their gavels and shout ‘order’ while the military guards began to demands silence. Eventually after a few minutes of shouting the room died down and those who threatened Joseph’s life were escorted out of the building.

When everything was situated Ivy returned to her questions. 
“What were your plans for the future of the world after The Collapse?”

“When the world was cleansed by the Lord’s holy fire, my family and I would await in our bunkers before entering into a new world. And together we would abandon all ties to the past, politics, modern medicine, cultures, screens, and guns. We would revert back to a society where we took only what we needed. I saw the world and could see their sin, consumption, relentless consumption. And you can see it too, can’t you? Everyone is always wanting the best new phone, and then to go with that phone they need a new watch, then they need a new bag to carry all their new stuff in. Everyone believes they need to have the best things in life, they need streaming TV, and streaming movies, streaming music, streaming news, and streaming lies. That is your sin, greed.” As Joseph began to speak a judge smacked his gavel to signal Joseph to stop. “Mr. Seed, now is not a time to make speech’s now is a time for you to answer her questions.”

”Sorry your honor.” Joseph sighed and looked back to Ivy

“How were your family members, Jacob, John, and Faith involved in The Collapse?”

”They were my life blood, without them the Project never would have survived to where we are now. John was our Baptist, he helped people see their sin ad would carve it out of them…He recruited those who helped creat our weapons. Jacob trained our Chosen, the people who escorted their respected weapon and launched them on my order. And Faith, sweet Faith… She used the Bliss to help me control those who built them, they were loyal when under the influence of our holy flower.”

Ivy smiled appreciatively and with slight surprise as his honesty. “I applaud your honestly, now here is my final question… Was the re-awakening of the unknown anomalous being in Luna intentional?”

”I know not what you speak of, I know nothing of this being. So I will deny the claim, so no it was not intentional.”

“Hm.” Ivy nodded her head and looked at the panel of judges. “That is all I have for mow your honors.”

“You may sit.” Responded one of the judges. Ivy quickly replied and walked to her seat beside the former President.

From the group of witnesses one man stood and said. “Your honors, my name is Marcus Atwood, and I am a Lunar myself yet I was excluded from her witnesses. I request a moment to speak, just a short moment.” The Judges quickly responded. “Granted, Lunar witnesses are entitled to a statement however make it short.”

“Thank you.” He said before he made his way down the isle and turned to speak.

”I saw what happened in Cydonia, I saw the death and destruction. Yet I believe Joseph can not be at fault, in every religious text ever created, from ancient Norse, to modern Christian we have fortold of the end times. For thousands of years we have had these warnings, we had our chance to fix ourselves, to fix our sin and atone! Yet we didn’t, but when The Father forced you all to look up from your screens and your social media pages you didn’t want to accept that what he said was true! This is God’s punishment to us all, we are evil, we are sinful, we are wrong. The Collapse was a necessity to bring about a new world, God sent The Father to warn us and to kickstart the coming end. There is a reason behind it all, and it’s not that he simply wanted to inflict suffering! But because it was God’s plan! Like God flooded the earth with water in the times of Noah he has flooded the earth in a sea of fire to be born anew. And once the world was clean we would love as Joseph taught us, land together we would build a New Eden where there would be no more suffering! No more sin! Praise The Father! Praise his name, amen!” Marcus shouted his final words and resulted in the court once again breaking into a loud shouting match between parties, yet this time the death threats were hurled at Marcus and Joseph. 

Soon simple threats turned violent when one of those watching from the stands above jumped down from the viewing gallery, ten foot drop, where they shattered their ankle which would later be confirmed as a break in the hospital. But driven by their adrenaline they ran at Marcus and tackled him before beginning to beat him. Guards and officers quickly ran to the men as they rolled around in the floor. They separated the men and put the attack on the ground before handcuffing him. Where he continues to shout at Marcus and Joseph.

”You believe that son of a b*tch!? You think it was okay to kill all those people! They b*stard killed my family! My sons and wife died because of him and you want to stand there and shout how this was God’s work! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you and that son of a b*tch you call The Father!” Two guards quickly grabbed Marcus and escorted him back to his seat, where in the way someone threw a pin at him, who did is unknown.

Marcus’s attacker was stood up and walked out of the room, kicking, screaming, and crying out in rage as he did so.


The attacker would later be identified as another Lunar citizen who had taken a flight to Singapore to watch the trial, while not a member of the jury he claimed during questioning that Joseph and any of his followers ”Don’t deserve a trial and should be shot on sight.” He also claimed that the Empire of Majapahit were a “Bunch of cowardice b*stards” for not killing Joseph the moment he arrived.

Marcus sustained mild bruises to the face and neck, however broke his nose and now is suffering a mild concussion from his attack, doctors say that as long as he is not exposed to more trauma he should make a quick recovery with little complications.

Once the event was over the Judges convened for a moment before deciding to end the trials for the day.

”Seeing the tense situation in the room, the court will be ending all proceedings for today. We will meet again on {blank date) of {blank month}. Hunton will next send their lawyers and witnesses for questioning when we return, for now court is dismissed.” And with the slam of a gavel the day was done in only a few hours. 


By Office of the Maharaja
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Singapore International Judicial and Criminal Court, Empire of Majapahit

“A court’s purpose is to seek justice and the objective truth. Ordering the defendant to undergo a psychological evaluation would bring us closer to that truth.” 

Thus spoke Judge Gopal Mukherjee. Under the close watch of security personnel, he underwent a thorough process of assessment and screening with a psychologist. She asked him all kinds of questions, ranging from whether he thinks he has powers others don’t have, how well he can maintain relationships with dear ones and whether he thinks others want to harm him. The psychologist showed him different images and inquired what his first thought that sprung to his mind was. “Salvation” was his response to an image of a mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion. She testified in front of the SIJCC and stated that the defendant primarily suffers from frequent hallucinations and delusions. 

“These hallucinations are not under voluntary control and are often experienced vividly and clearly. He claims that a Voice, which he attributes to God, spoke to him and showed him a vision of the Collapse. As a result of this he has begun believing in grandiose delusions that contradict ordinary reality.”

Prosecutor Wihake Toro stood up to say the following regarding the psychological results:

“We recognize that Joseph Seed suffers from various mental illnesses. Despite his affliction, he has shown to be still capable of understanding the distinction between right and wrong. He knew that shutting off his daughter’s life support, effectively killing her, was wrong. But he was able to justify such a crime by claiming to be ‘only obeying God’s orders’. Variations of such an excuse have been used many times in the past, also by individuals deemed mentally ill. 

Furthermore, despite his affliction, he has shown to be very intelligent and incredibly manipulative. Most individuals suffering from similar mental illnesses already fail coping with day-to-day life, much less organizing a massive cult capable of !@#$, terrorism and nuclear war. His manipulative and charismatic ways have made it possible for him to amass a huge following that would believe everything he would say and carry out every one of his orders. If he were to say that white is black, his followers would believe so. If he were to say that Catholics were an infection that had to be destroyed, then his followers would believe so. If he were to say that the world deserved to be cleansed of sin by nuclear war then, his followers would believe so.”

The judges convened for a short discussion on the new facts that have revealed themselves to the court now. After finishing, they returned to their seats and stated their conclusion:

“The SIJCC concludes that the defendant, J. Seed, is still fit to stand trial for all charges against him,” said Judge Mukherjee. “Though, I must stress that his mental illness may be taken into consideration during his sentencing”. The gavel struck thrice and Joseph was taken away to be escorted out of the courtroom back to his dreaded cell. A desolate, dark place which already is a fitting punishment for him according to some.  


day 3

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Updated: 12/03/2022 03:26 pm

It had been five days since the third day of the trial was supposed to take place. However do to the actions of Joseph Seed it had been postponed to insure the safety of every present at the trial. The court room bustled with conversation as those spectating and the jury awaited the judges the defendant to arrive. Soon Joseph Seed was escorted in by four Majapahit military personnel, his hands cuffed in the front so he could sit comfortably at his seat. For the last two days of trial he had been uncuffed when he arrived, but not today, he had been deemed to dangerous to be un-cuffed after he killed two Majapahit guards with his bare hands.  Joseph’s lawyers, Hyun-Go and Ghuaiter made a verbal protest, but they were ignored. When their request was ignored Hyun-Go leaned over to the [two] Josephs’ and whispered something. Soon everyone in the room stood as the judges entered and took their seats.

“Court is now in session.” Stated Judge Lander as he took his seat and smacked his gavel twice.

After Lander’s gavel struck Judge Reeves leaned forward to speak.“Before we begin, the court believes that it is important to point out the recent actions by the defendant while being held in captivity. The defendant, Joseph Seed, murdered two Majapahit soldiers as they attempted to escort him out of his cell for the scheduled court day. One guard was found with a lethal brain bleed, a broken jaw, and missing teeth. The second soldier was discovered to have had his eyes gouged out by the defendant, resulting in his death as well. The court has decided the defendant is not entitled to a statement regarding his actions at this time, as well as that the defendant will remain restrained while in the court room for the safety of those around him. The court does ask however that the actions of the defendant be kept in mind during sentencing.” Once she finished her statements she took a note on a sheet of paper before speaking one final time. “The court calls apon the prosecution to present their next speaker, Kand Hunnel, speaker of Congress of the nation of Dauchhi Palki.”

A man stood from his seat beside the other prosecutors, he wore a dark black suit and carried with him a stack of papers. He walked to the front of the room and thanked the judges before beginning to pace slowly back and forth at the front of the room as he spoke.

"Dauchh Palki demands that Joseph Seed, who, is undeniably accountable for the deaths of hundreds of millions, is tried in the international court of law to face repercussions for his crimes." He paused in his speech and turned to Joseph Seed, however spoke as if he was still addressing the entire room.

"Furthermore, Joseph Seed should be made to leak all relevant or irrelevant information about the Project at Eden's Gate, his family, the nuclear bombs, and all information or secrets encompassing that. It should be made to the world exactly what and how it happened, perhaps that way, we can prevent such a tragedy from ever unfolding in the future." With those final statements he made one last statement. “I now ask that Jacob Permaftili, our representative lawyer take it from here.” And with that, Hunnel returned to his seat and Jacob Permaftili came to the front of the room.

“Just like the rest of the world, Dauchhi Palki was effected by the actions of Joseph Seed. We do not believe we were targeted directly, however we do believe that because of the arrogant use of nuclear weapons by Joseph Seed we ourselves lost hundreds of lives.” Permaftili put his hands in his pockets and walked closer to where Joseph sat, taking his eyes away from the jury and glaring into Joseph’s eyes.

“And as a people, we demand that he be punished…The actions of this man resulted in the deaths of 416 citizens. But he did not use his rifle, nor his fist, to accomplish this, instead he used the power of nuclear weapons against innocents. This use resulted in a tsunami decimating the coasts of North America, and as a result killed our people. Now he may claim that it was not intentional, he may claim that it was only a natural tsunami that was a result of ‘God’s punishment’ but I would beg to differ, and to help me prove this to you, I would like to invite meteorologist Vera Tanner to present meteorological evidence she has gathered to prove that the tsunami that struck our coast was a direct result of Joseph Seed’s actions.”

Soon a projector was rolled in from a side door and Vera stood beside it with a clicker in her hand. She first began to flip through a few photos of the damaged areas, then showed a map of Dauchhi Palki and its effected areas. She then went to a slide that had a photo of North America and and the Atlantic Ocean, in the ocean ran a king red arrow that traveled around the Caribbean before following up the east coast of the continent.

“This a map of the Gulf Stream, the Gulf Stream is an ocean current that travels along the east coast of North America, it flows from the Caribbean and brings warm water up to the northern oceans of the Atlantic. The stream is a result of extreme wind stress, forcing the water to travel in a set path almost year round.” She clicked to the next slide, it showed the wind currents that caused the stream in blue lines, as well as green lines coming from the land that led into the ocean, they represented the wind caused by nuclear blast in Georgia, South Carolina and New England.

“As shown on the map, the nuclear blast created enough wind force that it caused the current to shift. This shift was caused by water being pushed away from the coast by the blast, the water then went east into the Atlantic where they eventually ran into an off shoot of the Labrador current which comes down from Canadian waters. This collide caused the two waters from New England and Georgie’s and Souther Carolina to curve, the New England current curved south and the Carolina/Georgia current curved north. Once they met their push against one another caused them to turn west and slam their way towards the coast once again. But unluckily for us, they had to hit the Gulf Stream, causing a break in the current that resulted in the waters being throw into the north, south and west. The result of this was the tsunami that hit our coast.” She flipped through a few more slides showing maps of what she had explained.

“Now if I could hold your attention a moment, I also have a few charts showing the lowered sea levels from Georgia/Carolina and New England.” She flipped through a few more slides and showed that the water level had dropped drastically along the coast for a few days.

She also presented a few charts showing changes in the ocean currents that aligned with her story. And lastly she showed a video captured by a deep sea fisherman, the video showed the waters around his boat being thrown around in strange directions before the ship eventually was spun around and thrown by the strong currents. Luckily the fishermen onboard were able to drop anchor and survive with out any issue. “The video clearly shows the effect the water had in the boat, now imagine that water being thrown at the coast of a nation at speeds of up to 600 miles per hour. That is the direct result of Joseph Seed’s use of nuclear weapons, while I doubt it was planned, this was a clear side effect of their detonation.”

Permaftili smiled “Thank you Mrs. Tanner.” Vera then returned to her seat.

“As clearly show my Mrs. Tanner, Joseph Seed’s reckless actions were a direct cause for the tsunami that hit the coast of our great nation. So I want to ask the court, is that not enough to show you his guilt? Or have you let his sly words creep into your mind? Don’t believe him, he is a liar, he’s shown he is untrustworthy. Dachhi Palki knows this, and so should you.” Permafiti crossed his arms and looked at Joseph.

“I now ask that the defendant comes to the stand for questioning.”

Joseph stood and as he did Hyun-Go put his hand on his shoulder and whisper him luck. Joseph was escorted to the stand by a security guard and sat down with his cuffed hand sitting in his lap.

“Mr. Seed, we all know it’s true that you are the one responsible for The Collapse, but my question is to you: how was it that the nuclear weapons used are obtained?”


“The weapons, they were sent to us by God’s angels on earth. The hands of my Children were not idle, we may be a religious people, but we are not incompetent people. Gouyou’s leader, Mr. Khuen described it best I believe, ‘the minds of your people are remarkably queerr. Yet at the same time massively expansive.’ With guidance from God I began the ‘Revelation Project’. The brightest minds of Eden under my guidance allowed God to use their hands as tools, and the outcome was God’s wrath incarnate.”


“So you’re saying that God, used your people as tools to create these weapons for you? Do you hear yourself Mr. Seed?”

Joseph didn’t answer

“How and why were the nuclear weapons activated to destroy the world?”


Joseph let out a small chuckle and closed his eyes as he began to speak.

“The world was creeping towards an edge, there was a poison creeping its way through our veins, greed, war starvation, poverty, death. All because people had turned away from God, but when God showed me the end, when he showed me The Collapse…I knew in that moment that I was given a mission, I needed to save those who needed, rather they wanted to accept it or not. And when the time was right I brought my followers into our bunkers and ordered under the command of God that the vials of God’s wrath be poured upon the earth. God cleansed the world, I was simply his tool to do so. This was inevitable, anyone who could see knew that, but the world was blind and deaf to my warnings.”


“Are there any remaining roots within the Eden's Gate family or in the former nation?”


“My brother John, he lives, recant of Austria-Hungry from what I know, and Faith…Sweet Faith, she lives, she has taken shelter in Gouyou. But Jacob, he…He’s dead, suicide. But Eden’s Gate, I do not know. God showed me in a vision a village, wooden, nomadic, nothing like the governments of the old world. He told me it was fruit of my labors, you may not believe me but I believe that this place exist, I believe my followers did as I commanded and build a New Eden, a paradise.”

“And if this village were to exist, where might it be? And how many of your people do you think are alive? Are they armed?”

“I do not know where it is, but if I had to guess, in the ruins of what was once Eden’s Gate. I do not know how many people have come out from their bunkers yet, but I do not believe they are armed in the sense that you speak. If they have followed my commands they have abandoned modern technology, medicine, guns, cars, screens, radio, all of it.”

“Do you believe they know of your trial?”

“No, if they found out however you would know…” answered Joseph

“How would we know if they found out?”

“Hm, you would know.”

Members of the crowd spectating the trial began to whisper amongst themselves at Joseph’s answers. Many wondered if Eden’s Gate could still be out there, and if so what would they do if they found out Joseph had been captured? And even worse what would they do if Joseph was sentenced to death? It was almost as if the writer was foreshadowing a possible consequence of players sentencing Joseph to death!

Permaftili sighed and crossed his arms, he took a moment to process what Joseph Seed had said before asking his next question.

“Joseph has Eden’s Gate completed all their goals?”

“I have not been with my Children for a long time, I am sure they have mounted searchs’ for me. I’m sure they have plans of their own, so in all honesty I can not say. But I do believe that there is something brewing in the hearts of my followers.”


“And have you accomplished all of your goals?”


“No, I know God’s plan and there is still more to be done before I can rest my mind and calloused hands. But my plans are not ones of violence, only ones of the survival of my family.”

“And did you and Eden’s Gate, have any help from outside organizations or nations? Rather they were made aware or not?”

“Yes, the Chaos Insurgency were vital to the success of Eden’s Gate. As well as the nation of Hunton, though they did not know it at the time. Long before The Collapse there were many trucks carrying radioactive material that had an accident, or were attacked it was never made clear. But we sent help under the condition that our scientists were able to keep some of the radioactive materials, we analyzed the material and used it to create one of our first warheads. We then simply improved our designs and mass produced hundreds of warheads, all because Hunton allowed us to take a few samples.”


“And I know you explained your peoples new ‘suspected’ nomadic life style, but my last question is do you have any available funds that could be used to compensate those harmed by your actions?”

“No, everything of value was destroyed, we have nothing left.” Answered Joseph


“Then I have no further question for you.” Two men then came and escorted Joseph back to his seat. With the questioning over Permafili was ready to make a closing statement.

“Joseph Seed has openly admitted to being responsible for the nuclear weapons used against the world. Not only that, he has also admitted to manipulating a foreign sovereign state into helping him accomplish his goals. Yet he sat there and tried to tell us that our ‘sin’ was the reason for The Collapse? If I may say this freely, I believe Joseph Seed is delusional if he believes that anyone in this court room would fall for the idea that The Collapse was God’s plan and not his. Joseph has shown time repeatedly that he has no sympathy for human life, and even if he does it is highly misplaced at that. We have evidence to show that Joseph alone has been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions, the most devastating crisis in human history. Joseph Seed has shown himself to be one of, if not the most dangerous man alive, and possibly to have ever lived. And that is why Dauchhi Palki is pursuing justice for those who lost their lives. That is why Dauchhi Palki is asking you to do the same, we ask, we beg, that you do not listen to his honeyed words. And instead we beg that you sentence this man to the highest punishment within the laws of men. Thank you.” And with that the day was over, Permafiti returned to his seat and after a few minutes Hunton Judge Arron Zimp smacked his gavel twice. “Court is dismissed and shall meet again on [blank day] of [blank month].”

day 4

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Day four of the trial began with the spectators and jury standing as the tribunal of judges entered the room and took their seats. Once all was situated Joseph Seed was escorted in by armed guards, his hands remained cuffed until he sat down. However to continue to ensure the safety of all those present, though the guards did not disperse. Instead they stood at attention in front of the tribunal, facing the rest of the room with their rifle across their chest as  a show of force. Once the guards were in position Judge Lander smacked his gavel twice and spoke. “Day three of the trial, J. Seed V. International Community is now in session. The court now summons John Seed of Greater Austria-Hungary to state his case before the court.”

From the crowd of prosecutors, one man stood, John Seed, Regent of Austria-Hungary and the youngest brother of the Seed family. He wore a blue button up shirt with a sleeveless vest above it, he wore black jeans and an Eden’s Gate necklace around his neck. It was his common attire, yet it showed his affiliation to the New Eden’s Gate cult. Created by John to be the true Eden’s Gate. The Father had failed his followers according to John, and now it was his turn to lead his followers through the gates of Eden. But unlike Joseph, John wouldn’t fail and lose faith in God.

John made his way to the front of the room and began to speak.

“Hello folks, let me start by expressing my sincere condolences to those who have died because of my brothers actions.
He claims to know God's plan, and I foolishly believed him. Now I know it wasn't the Lord's plan to kill all those people.
My brother Jacob and sister Faith have died at the hands of this man. He may claim that Faith is alive, but it is probably just another backup. I stand here today to answer your questions, and to demand what's mine. The location of New Eden. I want to visit my people. I care for them and now they're left in the wild without anyone to lead them. I will be that leader for them, since Joseph has shown to cause nothing but pain.”

One John was finished he returned to his seat as Hyun-Go, one of Joseph’s lawyers, stood and went to the front of the room, calling John back to the front for questioning. John complied and went to the stand where he took a seat.

“John, you say you want what is truly yours. But what is it that you want from him? He has nothing left, no material possessions, no money, nothing. You have no inheritance, and even if you did I believe you forfeited any claim to it when you betrayed Joseph.” Hyun-Go leaned against the stand and folded his hands together as he awaited John’s answer, clearly trying to make John as uncomfortable as possible.


However John felt no discomfort, instead he played the same games right back, putting his hands together and leaning in close to Hyun-Go(in a clearly non homosexual way, so don’t get it confused you perverts!). He grinned and spoke softly, almost in a sadistic whisper as he answered his question.

“Joseph failed us, his followers, so if New Eden exist I want to know its location, they need a leader, someone who can truly lead them righteously. And further more I want closure more than anything else, I want to know where Jacob’s body is. I want to know where Faith’s body is, she was not the first to carry that name, but she meant the most to me. They deserve a burial, even if Joseph won’t give it to them.”

Hyun-Go leaned away from John and shook his head. “Have you not been paying attention? Or have you been too busy carving the flesh off innocents too?” Hyun-Go folded his arms and looked towards the Jury and spectators who began. “Faith Seed is alive, Joseph has stated this already. And as Joseph’s lawyer I can tell you that this is true, our Supreme Leader himself has made this clear.” Hyun-Go turned to John and glared at him. “unless of course, you’re calling him a lier Mr. Seed?”

John just sighed and put his hand against his forehead to lean forward. “Just get on with the questions, no one has time for your nationalism today.”

Hyun-Go furrowed his brow and continued with his questions.“John you want these things, but what legal reason do you have? You wish to take corpses that you do not have the right of sepulcher. And on top of that, you, now a foreigner to Eden’s Gate, wish to enter territory that does not belong to your nation. You have no rights, legal or religious, to either the body of Jacob Seed, or the visits New Eden. While Eden’s Gate as a nation may be considered destroyed, the land still belongs to their government, regardless of how decentralized it may be.”

“I am the last living relative of Joseph, and if he is in the custody of a foreigner power than I am entitled to take on his responsibilities. Both as leader of his people, and to the bodies of his family.” Answered John, it was then that Joseph stood in his seat.

“Jacob’s body is gone, burned to ashes. After you fled the bunker he used his damn music box…Everyone started killing each other, he said that it was what I deserved for letting Faith leave. But none of us knew she was alive at the time. But when the blood shed started I ran to stop him in the security room, when I got there he shot the controls to the doors, causing them to open and let the radiation in. There was no way to stop them and when they were opened, he shots himself. There was no way to save him, so I did the only thing I could. I ran to the safe room and sealed myself in with a Gouyou soldier who had come. We stayed in there for months, but once we left, I burned the bunker. Jacob’s body was still inside, there will be no burial for him, John.” Joseph then sat back down in his seat.

The room was silent for a few minuets, no one spoke not even Hyun-Go. John’s grief and anger towards Joseph was clear to all that could see. He couldn’t sit still, his legs tapping and his hands fidgeting with one another. But after around five minutes of silence Hyun-Go broke the silence by asking John his next question.

“Do you not fear for yourself? For being here? You are a direct accomplice to Joseph’s actions, don’t you believe they will want to put you on trial next?”

John whispered the word Yes repeatedly to himself to calm down before answering “The people want the man in charge. Joseph ordered all those killings personally.” He answered in a somewhat smug attitude.

“Yet you were the one who carried out those killings. Now to the court I would like to point something out, I did not claim that John killed anyone…Instead he admitted to it himself! John as a lawyer yourself, I would have expected you to have covered yourself better. Now even under Joseph’s orders, you decided to kill them, you decided to torture them John. And in the past you have claimed to get kind of sick enjoyment out of it, you use torture as a way to indoctrinate people into your cult. You force them to say ‘Yes’ and to accepted Eden’s Gate into their heart. You have also been seen in photos forcefully baptizing and druging innocents and POW’s during the Lunorian war. Even Eden’s Gate itself reported it in the news. So John my question to you is, what makes you any better than Joseph?”

John let out a small surprised chuckle. “The people in this court of law know best how violent the religion was under Joseph's leadership. I had good reason to fear for my life if I didn't follow the orders given to me.”

“John these are not cases of you just ‘following orders’ these are cases of you, on your own accord, committing evil and despicable acts. Joseph did not order you to forcibly baptize and drug these soldiers, you did it on your own accord! You have had no reason to believe Joseph would harm you, he repeated expressed his love for you, your siblings, and his followers. Never once has he attacked you, instead you have threaten his life. An example is in the bunker together. You wanted to carve the sun out of Faith, then when Joseph commanded him not to you brought the knife to his chest. You John, are a lier, you are a evil and sadistic man. And if Joseph is to be accused and judged of this in an internal court, then so should you.”

John did not answer, instead repeating ‘Yes’ to himself once again.

Hyun-Go did not let up with his barrage of questions. “And another question, what do you plan to do once Joseph is dead? If it comes to that of course. And what makes you think Faith is dead? Even when so many have proven that she is not.”

“I hope for reconciliation or at least a meeting with the New Eden, if it isn't actually another lie by Joseph!” John began to get louder with his speech, it was clear that his anger had begun to get out of control. One of his fatal flaws was his inability to control himself when he begins to become angry.

Hyun-Go didn’t let up, and continued to drill John.  “John, you didn’t answer my other question…What makes you believe Faith is dead? Have you become delusional to the point where you can’t comprehend clearly stated facts?”

John smacked his fist against the table, but quickly paused and replied noted himself. “The Faith you knew wasn't the first woman to call herself Faith. Joseph manipulated many many young women without will to live with those drugs. Whenever a woman would die or get lost in the Bliss, Joseph would find the next within a week, so I wouldn't be surprised.”

Hyun-Go couldn’t help but laugh, even Joseph Gauthier let out a chuckle from the defendants table. “John, I don’t believe you understand what evidence you’re being faced with. Faith, the one and only woman that we are speaking about, is alive. The Supreme Leader of Gouyou has assured this, she has worked closely with Gouyou. You are the only person in this court room that denies these facts. Instead you would rather live in your own cloud of delusion and lies.” It was at that moment that John’s anger finally spilled over.


He slammed his fist against the table and stood from his seat.

“I am not crazy! I am not delusional! And I am certainly nothing like Joseph Seed! And to even suggest that I am anything near to him is an insult to myself and the victims of his crimes!” John clinched his fist and flinched forward to throw a punch. But with held his urge and instead marched down from the stand and exited the courtroom.

day 5

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Updated: 12/08/2022 07:25 pm

Day five of the trial began with the spectators and jury standing as the tribunal of judges entered the room and took their seats. Once all was situated Joseph Seed was escorted in by armed guards, his hands remained cuffed until he sat down. However to continue to ensure the safety of all those present, the guards did not disperse. Instead they stood at attention in front of the tribunal, facing the rest of the room with their rifles across their chest as a show of force. Once the guards were in position Judge Lander smacked his gavel twice and spoke. “Day five of the trial, J. Seed V. International Community is now in session. The court now calls upon the prosecution to send forth Bradley Stewart, Attorney General of the Canadian Federation.”

Once Lander was done speaking his struck his gavel and simultaneously a man in his later years stood from his seat and made his way to the front of the room. He carried with him a few papers and a pair of reading glasses. Once the man reached the front of the room he slid his glasses on the bridge of his nose and licked his thumb and pointer finger, flipping a page in his stack of paper and beginning to read.

“While The Canadian Federation was far from the worst affected by the Collapse, 800 Canadians were killed, 10,000 injured, and hundreds of thousands more had their lives ruined by this event.” The man looked up from his papers for a moment and adjusted his glasses before returning his gaze to the papers, every few seconds looking away from the paper to look at the jury.

“This was experienced by millions of people across Orbis and for many even worse as their entire country was almost destroyed, unlike Canadians who still had a country to turn to for help.  So that is why we are here today, to insure those responsible are held to account for their actions." Once he had finished he flipped the page once again and looked at it for a moment.

“I know call upon Corporal Olivia Brown to take the stand and give her account of what she witnessed.” He looked up as a woman dressed in a ceremonial dress uniform stood and made her way to the stand. Resting on the front right of her uniform was a military pin showing her branch, the army. While on the left rested multiple service ribbons showing her past in the military. Once she sat down she sat up straight and at attention to speak.

"I was among the first soldiers deployed to The Maritimes, Halifax specifically.  When we got there the city was trashed, the streets were covered in wreckage and some of the lower laying parts of the city still had flooding.  Our primary goal was to help evacuate people and then shift into recovery efforts once the situation stabilized.  I remember on the 4th day my squad was going to help evacuate some people who were trapped on the upper levels of a flooded apartment building and when we got to them they were pretty banged up and soaking wet.  Luckily they looked better by the time we got back to a field hospital, but not everyone was so lucky.  

First day we started doing recovery I was with a couple of Lunorian soldiers who had arrived to help out and a Cadaver dog.  The dog ended up taking down to this car that was mostly submerged in a river, and when we looked in there's this woman and her two kids that had drowned.  I think all of us were a little messed up by that."

Stewart gave a small nod of remorse as he put his hand on the stand. “Thank you Corporal, You may return to your seat.” Brown then stood and returned to her seat.

“I now call upon the mayor of St. Johns, Dylan MacDonald, to take the stand and make a witnesses statement.”

It was then that a middle aged man stood, specks of gray in his hair and a forming bald spot. Once he took a seat he began to speak, his posture much more relaxed than that of the Corporal before him.

“Thankfully a lot of the people in St. John's had already evacuated by the time the Tsunami hit, myself included so there wasn't as much loss of life as there could have been.  Dauchh Palki had alerted the Central Office of Intelligence and National Security who in turn informed us so we could be prepared, still when myself and other city officials returned to help oversee the rescue operations the city was in bad shape.  A lot of the neighbourhoods at sea level had been hit pretty hard and some buildings had been completely destroyed, this things were all rebuilt but the trauma people experienced will haunt St. John's for decades.  I met with people who had not just lost loved ones but homes, and everything they owned from the Tsunami.

Stewart once again thanked Macdonald as he left the stand. Once the man was seated Stewart faced the crowd and began to speak. Every now and again glancing down at his papers.

“Canada has suffered hundreds of deaths with thousands more hurt and homeless because of the actions of the defendant. And we all believe deep in our hearts that this man did it with malice in his! So as a Canadian, I ask, I plead, that you find this man guilty as I believe he is. And to show you his guilt I would lie to call Joseph Seed to the stand for questioning.”

Joseph stood and went to the stand.

“Did you (Joseph Seed) personally launch the Nuclear Weapons that caused the Collapse?”

Joseph nodded his head. “Yes, I ordered the launch of every weapon that was used.”

“After you launched, or before you launched, the weapons, where did you hide to evade authorities?”

“I did not hide, I told the world my plans to enter our bunkers, like Noah in his Ark I would sail through the seas of flames until God’s wrath had dissipated from the world.” Replied Joseph.

Stewart crossed his arms and folded his papers between his arms as he continued his questions. “Are all persons that helped cause the Collapse dead or in custody?”

“Many are dead yes, some are in custody, but few. Many of them continue to live in the waste of Eden’s Gate.”

“Were the Nuclear Weapons supplied by a third party?”

Joseph leaned forward and folded his heads. He remained quite for a few moments before speaking. “No, we created them ourselves”

“And Why did you decide to surrender? And furthermore do you feel any remorse for the suffering your actions caused?”

“I surrendered myself so that I could be judged by man, just as God will judge us all some day. I understand the pain, the suffering, and the death I caused. And I do feel remorse, but I cannot say that I could have done anything different. When God whispered his plan in my ear I knew I had a choice, and I decided to listen. I understood that if I refused to listen to God’s plan I would be fated to behold his wrath. So I listened, not because I wanted to harm, but because I wanted to save. I reached out to the world, I reached out and offered to pull the sin from your bones, I promised to protect you. But you decided not to listen, I am sorrowed about the deaths that I caused. But it was your faults more than mine.”

Once Joseph was done speaking he was allowed to return to his seat. Before the day was over however Stewart showed a few slides on a projector. They consisted of maps similar to those shown by Dachhi Palki in regards to the tsunami that hit Canada’s coast. He then showed pictures of the damage and explained what the viewers were seeing. Once he was finished Judge Mohammad hit his gavel signally the day was done.